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The Nationwide Caterers Association

Why choose NCASS Training?

The Benefits of using our courses

The Most Highly Respected Courses Available

Don't just settle!

Why just settle for a cheap certification. Gain a qualification that really means something. NCASS training is the most highly respected training courses available, they are specifically designed and created for the catering industry.

1. Nationwide Caterers Association - NCASS has been supporting the catering industry since 1987. They help thousands of caterers operate profitably, safely and legally every year.

2 . Cherwell District Council - Cherwell District Council have inspected our Training Courses and approved them under the Primary Authority Partnership scheme, making them them the only courses approved by a Government department in the country > Find out more

3. City & Guilds - City and Guilds have inspected and approved our courses, so each time you undertake a course you receive a nationally recognised qualification.

You can be reassured that what you learn is accurate
and your certificate will be accepted by EHO's

2. Peace of Mind

No panicking, no pressure, no paying for retakes with NCASS Training.

Of trainees rate NCASS Training as Good or Very Good

Of trainees would recommend NCASS to friends & colleagues

What a few of our trainees have to say...

“We currently do all our training through NCASS as well and this is has made life very easy for me and my staff as the system is so easy to understand and everything you need to know for Hospitality is in one place. By using the training system it has made it simple to make sure all staff are up to date with all course and training. I cannot praise NCASS enough and I look forward to working with them for many more years to come!” 

Adam Zeitlin, Zeitlin & Co

“I have had A LOT of experience with NCASS Training courses and the simplicity of using NCASS couldn’t be better for a business owner. I have worked for some big companies that don’t have this to offer their staff . We can offer it to our staff as a small family coffee business.”

Petar Ivanisevic,

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Want more benefits?

Money Back Guarantee

  • Money Back Guarantee

If you change your mind and decide that you don't need the course or it isn't for you, we'll refund you your money. Simple.

Laminated Certificates

  • Laminated Certificates

When you complete the course we'll send you a laminated certificate (the only training providers that do - we think!), which will withstand the rigours of a working kitchen a lot better than one that isn't.

Our history

  • Our History

We've been around a long time and aren't planning on going anywhere soon!

Unlimited re-takes

  • Unlimited re-takes (at no extra cost)

There is a little test to partake in at the end of the course. We think that this is an important feature, to test that you have remembered what the course has covered. However, we also appreciate that not everyone is very good at tests.

Therefore we allow you to retake the test as many times as you like at no extra cost. The questions won't be the same as the last time, but you can go back into the course to refresh your memory before taking it again!

You can be confident that you will succeed!

Unlike some other online courses, ours aren't about Getting Your Certificate Quick. We make no apologies for them being thorough, and are committed to giving you the right knowledge to operate Safely and Legally.

3. Simplicity & Flexibility

Instant Access

  • Instant Online Access

All our courses are online, saving you time and Money. Starting a course is very easy, just follow these three steps:

1) Register    2) Select the course you want to take    3) Start training

    Stop and Continue at your own pace

    • Start & Stop when you want

    Haven't got time to complete it all in one go? No problem! You can stop and save your progress whenever you want, and carry on next time from where you left off.


    Instant Pass Notification

    • Instant Pass Notification

    On completing the course you will find out instantly whether you have passed or not. If you have passed your course, we will post your certificate on the next business day. If you haven't passed, then you can retake the course when you like for no extra charge.

    4. Save Money

    Study Online

    • Study Online

    Studying online can be up to 90% cheaper more than attending a face to face course when you include the higher course fee, salary costs and travel.

    Completing a course has never been easier!

    Group Discounts

    • Group Discounts

    If you have lots of people to train we can offer a group discount saving you even more money.

    Free to Members

    • Included in NCASS membership

    If you're a member of NCASS you'll receive an allocation of training courses as part of your membership, so you can train your employees and save money at the same time. All you have to pay is a small certificate fee.
    > Find out more

    You can save a lot of time and money using NCASS Training!

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    "Great courses, very professional"

    "I have completed several of your courses over the weekend - great courses, very professional. The more of your materials I see, the more impressed I become."

    Iain Lilley, Wallace Barnes Catering

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