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How to use your NCASS Training places to train your staff

Do you have lots of staff members to train but don't have bundles of time to sort it all out?

Good news. There’s a quick and simple bulk buying function in the Online Training section of your NCASS control panel. And discounts for bulk purchases will be added automatically at the checkout.

The quick way to set up staff training (if you're paying for certificates yourself)

Step 1. Log into your membership control panel and select ‘Online Training’ from the right hand menu. Near the top of the page, under ‘Bulk Buying Certificates for Staff’, you’ll see a dropdown list of your trainees, with a blue ‘create new trainee’ button beneath it.

Step 2. If you can't see the staff member you're looking for in the dropdown list, click ‘create new trainee’ and fill in the personal details for each new staff member you want to train. That’ll generate trainee IDs for them.

Create a new trainee

Step 3. Select a trainee from the dropdown list and match them to the course you want them to take, using the ‘courses’ dropdown list. Then simply click proceed.

Step 4. Once your list of trainees and training courses is complete, just press the green ‘purchase’ button and fill in the payment details. Easy!

As soon as you've purchased the training certificates, the names of those trainees you selected will appear alongside their training authorisation code and course status in the list at the bottom of the page.

Don't forget to pass on the details so your staff can start training!

When you’re done, it’s as simple as passing on the individual trainee IDs, passwords and authorisation codes to your employees so that they can log in at and start training. They’ll also receive an email containing their log-in details as soon as you register them as a trainee.


To access the course that's been set up for them, staff need to go to and click on the orange 'Login' button in the top right-hand corner. 


Just make sure you ask your staff to use the green ‘members/employees of members’ option at the bottom of the log-in page that follows, and everything will run nice and smoothly.


Not the boss?

If you’re a member of staff and you’ll be paying for a training certificate yourself, all you need to do is find out your authorisation code from your employer.

Then just head to, hit the orange ‘log in’ button in the top right corner and use the green ‘members/employees of members’ option on the log-in page to create an account and start training. 

You’ll be redirected to pay for the certificate fee once you’ve created your log-in. Upon completion of the course your certificate will be sent out to the business address within two working days. (Please note that the certificate will not be sent to the trainee's address.)



When you're ready to set up training for your members of staff, log into your NCASS membership control panel and select the Online Training option. (Hint: your username for log-in is your membership number.)


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