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The Nationwide Caterers Association

LPG / Gas Safety Training for Caterers

A specialised Health & Safety training course for caterers

Are you "suitably-trained" to work with LPG? You will be once you've taken this gas safety course!

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If it's used incorrectly, an LPG cylinder is effectively a bomb. While that might sound a tad dramatic, the simple truth is that the misuse of LPG can and has cost lives.

If you use LPG as part of your cooking processes, it’s vital that you understand exactly how it works and how to use it safely. How else can you keep your customers, your staff and yourself safe while cooking with LPG?

With this LPG training course, you'll put safety at the centre of your food business, and make your team stand out to event organisers while you're at it.

Make sure you do the right thing and get trained in LPG / Gas Safety for UK caterers.


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Course Details

Who's this course for?

Anyone who works in a catering business and is involved in any way with the handling, housing and use of LPG.

Aim of the course

To help trainees understand the importance of safe use of LPG and learn how to handle, use and house LPG safely in a catering environment.

Topics covered

Hazards and properties of LPG, tasks that are appropriate for Gas Safe engineers only, ventilation, emergency actions, carriage and more.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course students will be able to demonstrate knowledge of the roles and responsibilities in the safe use of LPG.

Assessment criteria

20 multiple choice questions on a 20 minute timer. The pass mark is 15/20 (75%). Remember, there's no limit on re-takes.

Course delivery method

The course is delivered online via our custom built training system. An internet connection is required for all NCASS Training courses.


Upon completion of LPG and Gas Safety training you'll receive a personalised A4 certificate - laminated to withstand catering environments and

dispatched on the next working day. Certificates contain a security hologram and your unique certificate number.

It's valid for three years and shows enforcement officers and members of the public that you've gone the extra mile to get a certification that really means something. 

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