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The Complete Guide to

Profitable Catering

Profitable Catering

Always a best seller!


Starting in mobile catering but don’t know much about legalities, equipment, costs and all the other ins and outs?

All the crucial info you need to start your business the right way is in The Complete Guide to Profitable Catering


Now in its 9th edition, this bible for budding mobile caterers has always been a popular little book. Why?

£14.99 (+P&P)

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Profitable Catering

Because it’s bursting with everything you need to help you kick start your catering journey in the best way possible.

Pick it up, put it down, dip in, dip out… Just make sure you keep it close because it’s got everything you need when you’re starting in this industry.


Written by Bob Fox, a guy who was once in the exact same position as you are now and who now boasts over 30 years of experience in this industry, The Complete Guide to Profitable Catering is an invaluable manual at this stage in your journey.


Covering everything from planning to concepts, finance, training, insurance, VAT, equipment and legalities, even to your exit plan when you come to the end of your career!

Profitable Catering

Bob takes you through loads of different catering types too:

  • Roadside Catering
  • Industrial Estates
  • Retail Parks / Licensed Sites
  • Street Trading
  • Street Food, Pop Ups and Guerrilla Dining
  • Outside Catering - Buffets
  • Vending Machines
  • Corporate Hospitality
  • Cheffing / Dinner Party Services
  • Franchising
  • Mobile Bars
  • Mobile Coffee Businesses

As you can probably tell, this book covers everything you could need to know before starting up your business (that's why they call it the bible for mobile caterers).

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Fantastic book to Start from...

"I got this book to guide me in my quest to get into street food and will have to say this book is brilliant."

Mr R Thomas

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Excellent Read

"A very well written book by a very knowledgeable writer. well worth the purchase and would recommend to anyone starting a food business."

Deborah Lovett

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Thinking about starting up a catering business?

In 2013 we helped over 750 new catering businesses start up in the industry.

We provide Information, Systems & Support to keep caterers Safe, Legal & Profitable.

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