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How to start up a wedding catering business

Wedding Catering

Every wedding is unique. The service, venue, speeches and outfits are all tailored to the bride and groom’s likes and dislikes. But one thing that remains the same at pretty much every wedding you go to is that people get fed.

Now, the wedding business is a pretty reliable one to be in, what with people falling in love and getting married all the time. And that’s good news for anyone who’s thinking of starting up a wedding catering business.

If you build your wedding catering business the right way, you could find yourself with a very healthy diary of work, thanks to all those lovebirds tying the knot. But how do you do it? Use this page to find out everything you need to know to make your wedding catering business a success.


Top 3 wedding catering tips to help you start up and stand out

Wedding Catering

With so many opportunities to cater in the wedding industry, there’s already a large number of businesses capitalising on all that love out there. That’s why you need to make sure your business stands out. Use these tips as a starter to help you create a unique wedding catering business and increase your chances of finding profitable catering work.



1. Make your menu pop - and hone those finger foods!

Wedding Menu

These days, more and more people are looking for a stand out menu to make their wedding absolutely unforgettable. Many look to street food traders to bring that extra something to their wedding – and wedding catering specialists can certainly capitalise on that.

Create an alternative menu filled with unusual, delicious appetizers and main courses or buffet dishes that will stand out from your run-of-the-mill wedding food. Of course, it’s sensible to have a more traditional menu to offer to anyone who’s after more classic wedding catering too. Make sure you can cater for both sorts of weddings and you’ll open yourself up to a greater amount of business.



2. Consider getting a personal licence.

Personal Licence

Not all wedding caterers offer alcohol within their packages. Taking a personal licence course and obtaining a licence to sell alcohol can give your business an edge that other wedding caterers don’t have.

Many venues already have their own licences but not all do, and that’s where you can add another USP to your profile. A personal licence will allow you to act as the “designated premises supervisor for any business that sells or supplies alcohol” (

You’ll need to get an alcohol licensing qualification to be able to apply for a personal licence, e.g. a BII Level II certificate. You’ll find a list of the organisations from whom you can obtain a qualification here.

3. Market your business properly.


Wedding listing websites are a great place to start. With a quick Google search you’ll find lots of places where you can register your business for free, in the hope that people organising their weddings will come across you.

And if you want to be more proactive about attracting wedding organisers, you should join the Nationwide Caterers Association. We have a system called WorkOpps which gives people who are involved in organising events the opportunity to search for caterers by food types or geographically, then send them a text message to see if they’re available for work.

The great news for wedding catering start-ups is that more and more private wedding organisers are using the WorkOpps system to find stand out caterers for their wedding. That means more work opportunities for NCASS members.



Learn everything you need to know to start up your wedding catering business.

There’s much more to starting up a wedding catering business than finding ways to stand out from other caterers. Before you can hope to set up a successful business, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got all the legal bits and bobs in place, and you’ll want to know that you have all the physical stuff ready for your first day too.

Start up

Get your wedding catering business up and running with more hands-on advice

When you start up a new business it’s inevitable that you’ll have lots of questions, and that’s particularly true when you’re working with food. You have to keep customers safe to make your business work, after all.

How would you like to have any question answered, as soon as you think of it? Would you get a better night’s sleep if you knew you had access to a specialist financial and legal helpline too? And what about having the backing of the UK’s only Primary Authority for mobile caterers as your personal safety net?

It sounds like a lot, but those are actually only a couple of the benefits that you’ll enjoy when you join the Nationwide Caterers Association. There’s a whole host of other stuff waiting for you in your membership pack, including legally-required documentation, essential hygiene training packages and opportunities to work. Join the family!

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Work opportunities, legal documents, essential and invaluable advice, training codes, cashback and lots more are the name of the game here at NCASS HQ. And with prices starting from just £20.25 per month, why not become the latest member of the NCASS Family? Maximise the profitability of your food business with NCASS membership. > Find out more

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