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Find out how to start the type of mobile catering business that interests you the most.

Baked Potato Business

Starting up a baked potato

Baked potato businesses are notoriously fail safe on account of their versatility, low price point and deliciousness! They're also a great option for customers with allergies and intolerances.

BBQ / Hog Roast

Hog roasts are increasingly popular, not only for street food traders, but for those looking to cater at events such as corporate parties and weddings.

Burger / Hot Dogs

Burgers and hot dogs are big news on the street food scene and no longer signify a simple meat + bread combo, with the likes of Original Patty Men and Baked in Brick paving the way for creative, incredible meat treats.

Coffee / Tea Business

Tea and coffee businesses are undoubtedly secure and offer all manner of opportunities for caterers. After all, who doesn't love a brew?

Ice-Cream Buisness

Ice cream businesses have changed dramatically over the last decade and no longer conjure images of 1950s ice cream vans (though these of course have their place in the market!). Whether you're looking to work as an event caterer or sell gelato, frozen yoghurt or dairy free for the lactose intolerant amongst us, you'll have happy customers at every turn.

International Food

The country's most popular street food events such as Digbeth Dining Club, KERB, Pop Brixton and Dinerama are host to some of the best multi-cultural dishes on offer, signifying the industry's penchant for all types of food. Traders such as Buddha Belly, The Indian Lunchbox and The Little Taqueria have enjoyed unprecedented success in the field and there's undoubtedly an appetite out there for similar traders!

Mobile Bar Business

Mobile bar businesses are on the rise, with gin and prosecco bars in particular popping up at weddings and corporate events the length and breadth of the UK. As a nation, there's little we love more than a tipple which means that a mobile bar can be a great investment.

Sandwich Business

Sandwiches are the perfect snack and provide much needed sustenance and fuel to lunchtimes the country over. They are arguably a failsafe option for traders because of their versatility, simplicity and reasonable price point. They are also a great option for caterers looking to cater to vegetarians and die hard carnivores alike.

Street Food

There's no denying it, street food is big news right now. The industry has enjoyed unprecedented growth over the last few years, with workers and passionate foodies from all industries turning their back on the 9-5 in favour of joining the street food revolution.

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