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As a new business it’s safe to assume Environmental Health officers, Event Organisers and Insurance Providers will consider you a higher risk than experienced catering businesses. Our mission is to raise the bar for the industry and help you trade legally, safely and profitably. If you're just starting out it's critical that you start the right way and make this your ethos too.

Joining the association is a sign that you're serious about running your business the right way. We don't just get you on the right track, we keep you on it. 50% of our members are experienced caterers renewing year after year, with more and more joining via recommendations from other traders, Event Organisers and even Environmental Health Officers.

We're here for you when you're ready to get going. In the meantime you’ll find the answers to most of your questions below. And if you can’t? Give us a call on 0121 603 2524

Here's pretty much everything you need to know...

Starting your catering business - the list

This checklist covers all the stuff you physically need to be able to start up a mobile catering business, and make it profitable in the long run. The bad news? There's a lot of items on this list. The GREAT news? We can provide you with pretty much all of them. > Find out more

What do you need legally

Find out what you need to operate your own mobile catering business safely and legally. It can be daunting, but we're here to help.
> Find out more

What food should you sell?

As Britain has become more cosmopolitan our attitude towards different / interesting food has changed dramatically. There are thousands of different food types you can choose to sell.

> Find out more

Where can I work as a mobile caterer?

You want to run your own catering business but you're not likely to be looking at doing it as a hobby. You need to run it efficiently and make good money from it. Before you can do that you'll need somewhere to work and customers to serve. Let's talk about where you can work and the advantages / disadvantages of your options.
> Find out more

Mentoring for caterers

The good news is you can get up and running with minimal investment but you must do your research and do things the right way.
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what type of setup should I run my catering business from?

What type of catering setup are your going to sell your food (or drinks) from? A trailer, van, cart or gazebo? Read about the advantages and disadvantages of each to help you decide.
> Find out more

What next?

You know what you want to do but the technical and legal aspects are daunting and you're finding it hard to get off the ground confidently. That's what we're here for and we'll hold your hand through it all. You'll have access to everything you need and can get on with enjoying your new catering business knowing it's all taken care of.
> Find out more

Whether you're a newbie or have been in the game for years, partnering with a catering mentor could help you increase your sales up to an additional £2,520 in a single weekend. The various levels of mentoring available are suitable for catering newbies who are daunted by the start-up process, small event traders keen to scale up and long-term traders who aren’t enjoying the returns that they deserve.
> Find out more

Handy mobile catering start up guides...

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Every start-up caterer has worries and concerns. Tell us yours and we’ll tailor our support to help you. Simply take this 1 minute survey.

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Take the survey

Is starting a mobile catering business for you?

Is Mobile Catering for you?

10 Reasons why Starting a Mobile Catering Business...

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Safe, Legal, Profitable

Since things kicked off in 1987 The Nationwide Catering Association (NCASS) have been
shaping the UK mobile catering industry. Our aim is to help make your catering business safe,
legal and profitable.

Membership packages are available to suit all kinds of businesses, so there’s going to
be one that fits your business perfectly. You’ll save save a heap of money, receive more work
, have all of your legal documents taken care of, gain instant access to the most
respected training courses in the catering industry and have over 27 years of experience waiting
for you at the end of the phone should you need any advice or support. Plus, as a member you’re
taken under our wing and are protected under our Primary Authority Partnership.

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Work opportunities, legal documents, essential and invaluable advice, training codes, cashback and lots more are the name of the game here at NCASS HQ. And with prices starting from just £20.25 per month, why not become the latest member of the NCASS Family? Maximise the profitability of your food business with NCASS membership. > Find out more

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Latest News

British Street Food Award winners picked and prepped for European finals

by Sophie Haigh. | Sep 16, 2019

Mobile caterers from the breadth of the country headed to Street Feast’s Hawker House in London on 14th September to compete in the finals of the tenth British Street Food Awards (BSFA), supported by Hellman’s. 

Following five qualifying heats around the four corners of the UK, the sixteen finalists came together to fight it out for a prestigious award and a spot at the European Street Food Awards in Sweden.

Creators of Venezuelan street eats, Pabellón, came out as the victors from the day thanks to their hand-made arepas, slow-cooked sauces and fresh salads, which also earned them the award for ‘Best Sandwich.’ Judge, cookbook author and BAFTA-nominated actress Fay Ripley praised their menu and energy: “They’re my pick for the overall experience – lovely people, and lovely food." The team will now be heading to Malmo to represent Britain in the European Street Food Awards.

Second place in the Judges’ Choice category went to Homeboys, who also won ‘Best Snack’ after wowing both judges and the crowd with a show stopping dish of oak smoked ham hock and a six-hour braised jowl croquette. Wanderers Kneaded were in joint second place of the ‘Best Snack’ category with their figs and nduja pizza topped with an exploded burratina and organic hot honey. 

Glamorgan’s very own Pink Peppercorn Food Co. attained third place in the Judges’ Choice with their ‘Fishguard Cawl’ with Welsh chorizo, Tenby mussels, pan-fried MSC hake and burnt Kent corn. Attention to detail and dedication to using local Welsh produce earned them brownie points with the judges. The duo also walked away with ‘Best Main Dish’

Utter Waffle enjoyed an incredible night of award wins after earning recognition in the ‘Best Looking Food Truck’ category for Reggie the Waffle Wagon, plus ‘Best Dessert and ‘People’s Choice.’ The pair, praised by BSFA founder Richard Johnson for being “such a smiley team,” also have their passports at the ready for their flight to Sweden for the European Street Food Awards. 

The ‘Best Vegetarian’ award went to Turo, Turo for their Filipino inspired charred aubergine concoction, in a category which Richard deemed the toughest; demonstrating how the rise in vegetarian options is “a great indicator of how Britain’s tastes are changing.”

‘Best Burger’ went to Flying Cows for their ‘Truffle Shuffle’ creation, consisting of aged Dexter beef patty, mature cheddar, truffle and porcini mayo, beef fat caramelised onions and smoked bacon. Michelin-starred chef, Jon Marsden-Jones was impressed by the fact that the beef came fresh from Dan’s farm.

The Most Sustainable award, sponsored by Hellmann’s, went to Need Street Food of Hampshire and ArtiSam of Manchester - both praised for their commitment to sustainability and initiatives to prevent food waste in their businesses.

Congratulations to all the winners and to everyone who took part in what has been another incredible year for street food!

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Work opportunities, legal documents, essential and invaluable advice, training codes, cashback and lots more are the name of the game here at NCASS HQ. And with prices starting from just £20.25 per month, why not become the latest member of the NCASS Family? Maximise the profitability of your food business with NCASS membership. > Find out more

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