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Towing Vehicle Insurance

Get your insurance cover 100% correct with friendly, expert advice and discounts for NCASS members.

NCASS policies are designed for vans towing catering trailers and include third party towing liability.

Towing Vehicle Insurance

What is third party towing liability insurance?

Third party towing liability insurance covers damage you may cause to something or someone while towing a catering trailer.

Once a trailer is hitched to a towing van and taken onto the public highway, the motor insurance policy on the vehicle must include damage and personal injury caused by the trailer, when attached or when accidentally detached.

Third party towing liability is available with lots of the NCASS towing vehicle insurance policies, but not all caterers' insurance policies provide cover for this. We strongly recommend that you check your policy.

Why do I need third party towing liability?

The Road Traffic Act states that your motor insurance policy must cover your legal liabilities in respect of personal injury and third party property damage. That's why third party towing liability insurance a legal requirement.

You will also need Catering Trailer Insurance for when the catering trailer is not attached to the vehicle.

What does your catering trailer insurance cover? 

Towing vehicle insurance policies are arranged to cover your towing vehicle and its fixtures and fittings under the following:

Third Party Towing

Protect your trailer
even while it’s in transit

Malicious Damage

Protect your unit against
stuff like vandalism

Fire & Theft

Protect your trailer against
thieves and fire


Many policies do contain third party towing liability cover, however many of these are for leisure use only. That would only cover you for towing something like a caravan and would not cover business use, as you would need for a catering trailer or the vehicle that tows it. Always check your policy. 

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