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Which NCASS membership is right for my business?

If you’ve been thinking about becoming an NCASS member (and if you haven’t, you can't know enough about it yet!), you’ve probably already noticed that there are a few different levels of membership available. Not sure which one is right for your business? Allow us to assist…

How much work are you looking for?

Is one of the most important reasons for joining the WorkOpps text messages? Are you looking for more catering work for your business? Then you’ll want to pay close attention to the work opportunity postcode and food type allowances included in each membership tier.

The greater your postcode and food type allowances, the more WorkOpps text messages you’ll receive. You can increase your opportunities to work and earn just like that. Here’s how many postcodes and food types you can select for WorkOpps within each level:

Standard: 12
Premium: 25
Premium Plus: 60
Pro: Unlimited

You can double, triple or, err, ‘infitinise’ your chances of receiving hot leads for catering work just by selecting a higher membership level.

So if you’re past your first year’s trading and you’ve got the capacity to work a lot, you should really consider plumping for a premium, premium plus or even pro membership. And there’s more to the higher tier memberships than simply getting more work. Keep reading…

How many members of staff do you have?

Food handlers in a catering business should be trained in level 2 food hygiene and managers or supervisors in level 3 (level 1 is appropriate for non-food handlers only). Ideally you should have one other member of staff trained in level 3 food hygiene at the very least, and it goes without saying that you should be level 3 qualified as the business owner.

Here’s how many training places are included (subject to a small certificate fee) within each membership tier:

Standard: 24
Premium: 41
Premium Plus: 75
Pro: 150+

The number of training course places that you need for your food business comes down to the number of staff that you employ throughout your business as a whole. It's worth noting that pro NCASS members receive as many places on level 1 or 2 food hygiene courses as they want.

Click on the one that sounds like your business:

  • I have 1-3 members of staff

  • I have 4-7 members of staff

  • I have 8-15 members of staff

  • I have more than 15 members of staff

The only word of warning we’d give about training is this: Don’t be fooled into thinking you can get away with having untrained staff work for you. If an environmental health officer comes to carry out your food hygiene inspection and finds that you have untrained staff working on the premises, they’re going to be less likely to award you that all important level 5 food hygiene rating.

How many trading units do you have?

Have you got more than one trading unit? You should be looking at a higher tier membership to take care of your business’s needs and to cater for growth. Check out which membership you should go for based on the number of trading units you have:

Standard: 1 unit
Premium: 2-5
Premium Plus: 5-10
Pro: 10-20

When the time comes for you to decide which level of membership you should go for to meet your business’s requirements, bear in mind that the benefits of being part of the NCASS family keep on increasing the higher you go.

The amazing support and tailored advice is always the same though, no matter which level of membership you have. Whether you’re a teeny tiny start-up or a fully-fledged and fleeted catering company, you’ll always get the exact help you need, exactly when you need it from the Nationwide Caterers Association.

Ready to join and start benefiting? Let's get the ball rolling...

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WorkOpps postcodes and food types

What are these food types and postcodes for?

The text messages we send you containing work opportunities for your business are based on the specific postcodes and food types you select once you become a member.

It’s pretty simple really. If an event organiser is running an event in one of your selected postcodes and looking for one of your selected food types, we’ll match you up with a WorkOpps text message for that event.

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