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Reduce Your Buying Costs

Reduce your buying costs

Shopping around can save you thousands!

When was the last time that you reviewed your buying costs? If it has been a while, then it probably should be done again soon. Fortunately we do this for you and have found a variety of ways to help you save money, here's a few ways:

How NCASS can help you save money

NCASS can help save you money

1. Training

NCASS Training

Members get a load of training included in their membership fee.

This saving alone is worth hundreds per employee when you take into account the:

  • Course Fee for each employee
  • Wages of course participants
  • Additional wages of covering staff (if necessary)
  • Travel costs

Members get a lot of training places included in their membership - NOT JUST hygiene training.

Find out more about which courses are included by Clicking here

2. Insurance

NCASS Insurance

Because of the size of our membership base we're able to negotiate great discounts on behalf of members

Consequently members can benefit from an exclusive discount on their Insurance of up to 30% off a range of different policies including Liability Insurance and Motorised Food Van Insurance or Towed Catering Trailer Insurance which can realistically save you over £300.

Find out more in our Mobile Catering Insurance Area

3. Supplies

Supplier search

By being a member you can save a lot of money on a range of different supplies.

Have a look in our SupplierSearch to see any discounts which our suppliers are offering.> Click here

4. Support and advice

Support team

4. Support & advice

We offer a lot of help support and advice as part of membership. How much is support & advice worth to you?

It's hard to put a figure on how much this is worth to you but if you need help we're there for you. In addition you also get access to our Legal & Financial helpline as part of membership.

Saving money is just one of the ways that we help Mobile Caterers. > Find out more here

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