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The Nationwide Caterers Association
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Get work directly from Event Organisers through NCASS

What is it?

CaterSearch is a fantastic Free benefit for NCASS Mobile Caterer Members, where Event Organisers search for caterers on ncass.

Here's why its great: 

Event Organisers need caterers for their events. Understandably they come to NCASS as we have:

  • The largest collection of Mobile Caterers in the UK

  • Caterers who have all the Information, Systems & Support to be Safe & Legal

CaterSearch allows Event Organisers to search our database of members to find caterers for their Show or Event. 

How does it work?

What an Event Organiser does:

Create an Account
2. Fill in your details


Search for a Caterer

1. Search for a Caterer

Contact the Caterer
3. Contact the Caterer

How do I get involved?

When you join the Association you will be automatically enrolled onto it when you join the Association (unless you opt not to).

And is a Free benefit to NCASS Mobile Caterer Members.


When Event Organisers perform a CaterSearch they will see your Membership Profile.

Therefore it is really important to ensure that your Membership Profile is accurate, up to date and looks good so that Event Organisers understand what you do, where you can operate and what you look like!

Find out more about how NCASS can help you.                > Click here

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