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You're probably not in this business for a hobby. It's probably because you like to cook. And you want to make money. We're going to help you do that.

Where do mobile caterers work?

Shows and Events

From village fetes to music festivals...

Working at events

Thousands of profitable shows and events take place in the UK every year. Find out how you can work at them. > Click here


Farmers, town centres, street food, car boot...

Trading at markets and car boots

Markets are a great place to work: less stressful than big events but ideal for gaining experience. Find out how you can work them. > Click here

Roadside / Permanent Pitch

Lay bys, industrial estates, town centres...


The original home to the entire mobile catering industry, roadside trading has a lot to offer. Find out how you can do it. > Click here

Private Function / Parties

Weddings, birthdays, corporate events...

Catering at private parties and events

Private functions offer a low-risk way to earn money as you usually agree a fee in advance. Find out how to work at parties. > Click here

How can NCASS membership help you to get profitable?


NCASS membership will save your business literally hundreds of pounds. There’s no need to shell out more for training, legal documents and consultation when you’re an NCASS member. You’ll benefit from exclusive discounts with our trusted suppliers too. Suppose you might call the earning opportunities, special offers and crazy cashback deals the cherry on top.

> Learn more about saving and making money with NCASS


Booking work as a mobile caterer

Know the rules - tendering for catering work

The Golden Rules

Get to know them. Stick to them.

Pitch fees. Sometimes they make it hard to turn a profit. Sometimes they make it impossible not to make a loss. They can cause caterers an arm and a leg of grief. That’s why you need to know the 8 Golden Rules for booking pitches, before you hand over any cash.

> Read the rules

Fraudulent Events- Be aware

Fraudulent Events: Beware!

Here's how to spot them.

Sometimes fraudsters pose as event organisers, take cash from caterers for pitches then simply disappear. It sucks, but you can avoid being fooled by these criminals. If an event seems dodgy, do these checks to help you spot a potential scam. It's always worth it.

> Click here to read more

How can you keep increasing profits?

4 simple ways for mobile caterers to increase profits.

Improve the marketing for your catering business

Marketing matters. Improve yours to increase profits with these solutions. > Click here

Keep your staff happy - You're customers will appreciate it

Happy staff means higher profits. Find out how to keep yours smiling. > Click here

Have fewer inspections - gain more time

Spend less time talking to inspectors and more time serving customers. Click here

Reduce the costs of your catering business

The less money spent, the more money made. Find out how to cut supplier costs. > Click here

Sustainability tips that won't cost you the earth

With strong, sustainable practices in place within your business, you'll make great savings, do your bit for the environment and increase your likelihood of booking events. > Find out more

Mentoring for caterers

Whether you're a newbie or have been in the game for years, partnering with a catering mentor could help you increase your sales up to an additional £2,520 in a single weekend. > More

Receive relevant work opportunities via text messages

NCASS get to know each member so that we can offer you the help and support you need for safe, legal and profitable trading. We’ll help you find work too, by texting you opportunities specific to your location and food offering. And event organisers can book you for work via your NCASS control panel.

With more than 30 years under our belt, NCASS offer caterers more than just a highly respected due diligence system, comprehensive legal documentation and caterer-specific online training – though you will get all of that too! Most important of all, we’re always on the other end of the phone for you.

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Latest News

Fake Britain episode reveals deadly dangers of fake camping stoves

by Sophie Haigh | Aug 22, 2019

You may have tuned in to last night’s episode of Fake Britain, which focused on the deadly consequences that fake camping stoves can have on an inconspicuous consumer. Presenter Dom joined a keen camper who had suffered burns to his face and arms after a £20 stove bought online from a discount shop exploded upon being lit.  

Surrey Fire Brigade, clad in full protective gear, put the fake stoves to the test and discovered the deadly impact that a counterfeit stove can cause, of which there are thousands being sold in the UK each year putting the general public at risk of serious fatalities. Trading Standards found fake CE labels on the stove and evidence that the equipment had not been checked at any stage upon delivery to the retailers or wholesalers. The sellers responsible received fines of £15k and the 1,200 stoves that hit the UK market were withdrawn from sale.

We’ve spoken to many caterers who are, or have considered, using camping equipment when starting up in the catering industry - our advice is always please, under no circumstances, use camping stoves for your business. Each year there are lots of incidents of explosions caused by this type of burners and we have come across caterers who have suffered life changing burns and disfigurement following their use. Camping stoves should only be used for short durations of time as they don’t feature the flame failure devises that commercial equipment does. In addition to that, large commercial pans on a camping stove will reflect heat back onto the LPG cylinder causing it to over-pressurise, risking leaks from or even splitting the cylinder.

In addition, there are laws against using camping stoves as a main source of equipment. Caterers are legally required to have their LPG equipment checked by a qualified Gas Safe engineer at least once a year, but due to the gas tight seal at the gas cylinder connection they would be unable to inspect them, leaving you unsure if they’re safe and potentially risking lives every time they’re used. Ultimately, nothing will work in a caterers’ defence should an accident occur. Criminal proceedings could be brought against anyone found in breach of the law and if anything should happen, there would be no insurance pay outs; potentially risking an entire business and people’s livelihoods.

The Fake Britain episode only touches the surface of the risks associated with not buying stoves from reputable suppliers and how easy it can be to stumble upon counterfeit and potentially deadly equipment. It can be difficult to know where to source the best equipment from, and in fact, many experienced caterers fall trap to dodgy dealers. NCASS Equipment eliminates the chance that you may spend your hard-earned cash on a faulty, dangerous or wrong product. Our product reviews are written by real traders whose purchases are verified by NCASS and all specifications are listed so that you have the correct information; ensuring that the equipment you’re ordering is best suited for your business needs and safe for staff to handle.

If you’re in-doubt about where to source safe and compliant equipment, please call our Equipment Manager, Penny on 0121 603 2524 who will be able to advise. Remember, listings on websites that offer the best value for money are often too good to be true, so it’s always better double check with an expert and avoid any potential accidents. To watch the Fake Britain episode, click here

How to work & earn more

For 26 years NCASS has provided UK mobile caterers with reliable details for 2000+ annual outdoor events, including contact numbers, locations, dates, expected attendance and more... Every trader knows about The Events Guide.

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When you buy The Events Guide you'll get FREE access to the online database which is continually updated during the year, so you never miss a new event.

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