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Vehicle & Towing

Vehicle, Towing and Driver licensing are extremely complicated and ever changing areas of law, which even the professionals find difficult to understand

What does the law say?

Did you know that if you drive a vehicle and trailer with a combined weight of over 3.5 tonnes, it requires a tachograph? If you don't have one, your insurance is invalid, doubling the offence and the penalty.

If you are then involved in an accident, the consequences can be significantly more serious. 

There are several government agencies involved with overlapping priorities and scope which unfortunately can lead to grey areas. As a result of this, caterers can find it very difficult to keep up to date and consequently often fall foul of the law, finding themselves subject to fines, penalty points, driving bans and even prosecution or imprisonment if a serious incident ensues.

Vehicles and Towing

How do I stay compliant?

NCASS has spent many hours unraveling the complex web of legislation to be able to give our members accurate, up to date advice to keep them within the law.


If you want to stay legal and keep your insurance valid, let NCASS help you by becoming a member. We can provide invaluable help and support, including expertise in these areas:

  • Driver Licensing
  • Tachograph Requirements
  • Drivers Hours Regulations
  • Operator Licensing (full and restricted)
  • Showman’s Exemptions
  • Vehicle Weights and Lengths
  • Type Approval

Invaluable Help & Support

A membership with The Nationwide Caterers Association could save you time, money and stress.

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