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Street Food Cubes Get The Go-Ahead In Boscombe


Boscombe is to play host to a brand new Street Food project, using 10ft recycled shipping containers as permanent street cuisines, serving high quality street food direct to shoppers and delivering freshly cooked food to homes and offices.

Up to 4 ‘up-cycled’ shipping container cubes will be converted into free-standing fully functioning professional kitchens with gas, electricity, kitchen equipment and opening hatches to serve amazing Street Gastronomy direct to passers-by.

Local chefs and start-up foodie entrepreneurs will be able to rent the cubes from as little as £50 a day with no long-term contracts, expensive leases or rates, to showcase their talents and to cook fresh, healthy food options and entertain the crowds.

The collective of chefs and entrepreneurs known as ‘StreetCube’ say that the scheme is aimed at offering an exciting, healthy and affordable alternative to the mighty corporate chains that offer processed fast-food, and poor choice.

“Cooking great food has always been the cohesive bond in every community, family and between social groups as a whole,” - said a spokesperson for the project. “StreetCube aims to bring people together to enjoy a more affordable, and more healthy approach to Gastronomy, with a focus on real cooking, affordable prices and bringing people together with an eye on what’s right for the planet and for people as a community”.

“We want to demonstrate and remind the big chains how to cook properly, using great ingredients, ethically sourced seasonal produce and using materials that don’t harm the planet - good food doesn’t have to cost the Earth".

The 10ft steel shipping containers are ex-seagoing transatlantic cargo boxes, which have previously been used to transport goods from China and around the world, but that now sit idle at our docks as the U.K. export business dwindles.

Food on offer will range from classic dishes such as wood fired pizza, gourmet burgers, and other favourites, to street food classics such as Asian, African, Cuban, Mexican, European, BBQ, Fish and various other popular dishes.

“StreetCube offers street food traders the chance to test out new ideas, and to set themselves up in business - to have a permanent, weatherproof location from which to trade, with cheap flexible rental terms. We allow for anyone who has a passion in cooking to develop new food ideas to sell direct to their clientele and be profitable, bridging the gap between trading from a street food gazebo or van, and opening a restaurant”.

“The StreetCube ethos aims to reduce food waste by working with local supermarkets and charities that align with similar programs, and to ensure that all materials used in cooking are recyclable and environmentally friendly with policies that eliminate the use of plastics and disposables that cause harm to the planet”.

“StreetCube is a collective and co-operative community partnership - our chefs are all independent, creative and passionate about what they cook, and how they work, which is why StreetCube aims to give every chef the chance to develop their passions and serve amazing food at lower prices.

“All our chefs are potential shareholders in the StreetCube collective, and as such they all have a say in where we source our produce and materials, and how the organisation operates as a whole”.

Bournemouth City Council have approved the scheme, and Boscombe Markets has overseen the project since its conception, and invites people to apply for their own StreetCube.

StreetCube will be permitted to trade from 7am through till 11pm 7 days a week, and locals have already been showing their support for the project. One lady said: "I think this is a wonderful idea, it’s a chance to people to come and see why Boscombe is a forward-thinking, creative town with good reason to come and eat delicious street food".

Another said: "I would love to have a StreetCube here, it would certainly be a much better alternative to the usual fast food’."

Boscombe’s Regeneration Initiative has overseen the project, and Councillor Jame Kelly will be present to welcome Celebrity Chef Ainsley Harriot at the official opening which is planned for the Spring, and said: "We believe that StreetCube is a really clever idea, it allows people to connect with one another through cuisine, without having to pay expensive prices - what could be better?”

StreetCube has fast developed its ethos as a community led project, enabling start-up opportunities for passionate chefs to bring their ideas to market, make their own profit, and develop new concepts in Gastronomy.

StreetCube are inviting Street Food Traders to get in touch now and register their interest in joining the collective.

The StreetCube project plans to open in Boscombe Precinct in the Spring.

Contact StreetCube by emailing

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