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Street Food Business Teams Up with the UK’s First Vegan Pub Venture

Club Mexicana, the team who make 100% vegan street food for busy crowds across London, have set up a permanent home in the kitchen at The Spread Eagle, Homerton.

Many large brands and food businesses have turned their attention to vegan menus in the last few years, and it comes as no surprise that a London pub has taken the lead in creating an entirely vegan experience for their customers, who will now be eating, drinking and even sitting on vegan products.

Club Mexicana’s owners, Meriel Armitage and Luke McLaughlin, say they want to explode the myths around the vegan diet. “We’ve got something on the menu that looks like the best Mexican fried chicken burger ever,” Armitage explained. “It tastes like it too. You blow people’s minds when they find out it’s vegan.”

Even the beer is vegan, as the team have opted for brews that avoid the use of egg whites, gelatine and isinglass (fish swim bladders) in the clarification process. Alongside the Tofish Tacos, Jackfruit Burritos and Vegan Chik’in dishes on offer, the management at The Spread Eagled plan to set up regular quiz nights and live DJ performances on the premises.

After a reported 100,000 people signed up to Veganuary this year (to give up animal products for the entire month), it seems certain that the teams behind Club Mexicana and The Spread Eagled will soar to success with their animal-friendly venture.

The vegan menu can be found at The Spread Eagled from 19th January.

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