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RAW Foundation publish Reusable Bar Cup Guide for Events

RAW Foundation have released a free resource for event organisers to encourage the use of reusable cups at festivals and other outdoor events.

The guide has been published in support of the Association of Independent Festival’s (AIF) Drastic on Plastic Campaign which aims to reduce the use of single-use plastics at events.

Funded by the Event Industry Forum (EIF) and co-written by Chris Johnson, co-founder of Shambala festival, the guide covers different types of bar cups and their advantages & disadvantages, reasons to implement reusable cups into a festival, how to manage the process of cleaning & redistributing and suppliers of reusable cups.

According to the guide, over 100 million plastic cups are used every year at UK festivals and events, and most of these are either sent to landfill or to be incinerated. A UK study by Hope Solutions and ZAP Concepts showed that even when single-use cups are recycled, their environmental impact is vastly higher than that of reusable cups due to the impact of their manufacturing.

Research shows that reusable cups can be used more than 75 times and the impact on the environment of reusable cups is less than that of single-use plastics after only 3-5 uses.

Find out more

Download the guide here.

Find out more about RAW Foundation here.

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