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Low 'n' Slow launch Kickstarter

Humble beginnings

Birmingham-based, award-winning street food vendor Andy Low ‘n’ Slow has launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund his highly-anticipated live fire cooking restaurant in Birmingham, “focusing on high welfare meat and seasonal, British ingredients.”

Andy’s story is one of rags to riches; whilst working in what he coins a “dead-end factory job” he decided that enough was enough and, in an effort to free himself from “the deepest of ruts” he established a pop-up barbeque in his parent’s garage.

Andy and his partner, Donna took out a small bank loan and with the support of their family, worked tirelessly to create a business which would not support them financially, but which would give them the opportunity to be creative and emancipate them from their current roles.

With some basic catering equipment under his belt, Andy set about cooking pork shoulders in a tiny smoker which frequently needed refuelling in the middle of the night; irrespective of the weather. The toll that bad weather takes on street food vendors can never be underestimated, but to plough through regardless of snow, wind and rain in your business’ infancy when the odds are seemingly stacked against you takes resilience, fierce determination and hard work; particularly when you’re without the most basic of equipment – a trading unit. Andy created a make-shift den in lieu of a tangible unit and refused to let logistics get in the way of his “unending passion.”

Awards & more

Andy soon got his first break at a local pub and to the surprise of no-one who has ever tasted low ‘n’ slow food, the business soon outgrew the pop-up. He then set about conquering local farmers markets before securing his tenure at Birmingham’s premier street food event, Digbeth Dining Club.

Relentless hours meant that Andy’s food only got better and as such, he soon amassed a cult following, cooked at prestigious national events such as Meatopia and notably, reached the finals of the Young British Foodie Awards.

With these accomplishments, and countless more under his belt, Andy now wants to bring an independent restaurant to the UK’s second city, in which he can produce incredible Texan and Mexican dishes without being hindered by the weather. Andy will continue to cook over fire, which of course requires extensive extraction, hence the need for funding; he will also be matching every donation pound for pound as will a private investor.

Independent Brum

Here in Birmingham, we have been unremitting in our endeavour to furnish the city with independent businesses in recent years, and now is our chance to pledge our commitment to good, independent grub in Brum and donate to Andy’s campaign. We for one, would be hard pushed to think of anyone more deserving.

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