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Just Eat announces plan to ban food businesses with zero food hygiene rating

Just Eat, the intermediary food delivery business has announced radical plans to remove businesses with poor food hygiene ratings from their platform in a bid to improve food safety standards across the industry.

With almost 100,000 partner restaurants and 24 million active customers, Just Eat are at the forefront of the industry, with the ability to make a significant impact on food businesses’ profitability; with the average number of orders received by the company’s partner restaurants standing at 2,300 in 2017 alone.

Per the new guidelines, businesses with a zero food hygiene rating will be removed from the platform by 1 May 2019. Any new sign ups to the platform will have to have a minimum score of 3.

In order to prevent those businesses who presently have a zero food hygiene rating from succumbing to the new regulation, Just Eat are investing £1million in to funding one-to-one visits from expert food safety practitioners who will help businesses draw up an action plan and offer guidance on how to request re-inspection. Outlets which fail to make changes by May 1, retaining a zero FHR will be removed from the Just Eat platform. The company have also promised support for businesses in Scotland who operate under a different food hygiene rating system with just three ratings – Pass, Improvement Required and Exempt Premises (i.e. newsagents or chemists.) Heather Hancock, chairman of the FSA, welcomed Just Eat's investment: "The company influences thousands of food businesses and reaches millions of customers.

"Quite rightly, Just Eat is making clear that food safety and hygiene must be a top priority for all their partner businesses."

The Nationwide Caterers Association are optimistic that the changes will bring about positive change in the industry, encouraging businesses with low food hygiene rating scores to increase their food safety standards or else jeopardise their profitability. We are also confident that this is good news for NCASS members who are amongst the most diligent in the industry and who have a long history of adhering to best practice when it comes to food safety.

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