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JOIN THE ENERGY REVOLUTION: be part of a growing industry response to climate change

Energy Revolution

Energy Revolution is a UK charity that is pioneering a live events industry response to climate change. They support festivals, suppliers, audiences and artists to measure and manage travel emissions, and provide a carbon balancing service to help individuals and companies to take positive action.

The live events industry as a whole is becoming increasingly conscious of its impact on the environment. Climate change is no longer a question but a fact, and many events organisers and suppliers are actively upping their green credentials to reduce their impacts — and are being recognized by the industry, audiences and clients for their work.

The most significant environmental impact of many events is from travel; from the Green House Gases emitted by fossil fuel used when audiences, suppliers and artists journey to and from location. When it comes to UK festivals, travel accounts for up to 80% of the average event’s carbon footprint. Energy Revolution helps tackles these impacts by offering support to reduce travel emissions where possible, and to balance unavoidable emissions through projects that generate clean renewable energy, and which also have a wealth of positive social impacts.

Energy Revolution currently works with 24 of the UK’s best festivals including Boomtown, Shambala, Kendall Calling, Bestival, Wilderness, Download and Reading. They work with suppliers such as Refresh West, Chai Wallahs, Rock City Stage Crew and Tuned in Travel. So far they have helped festival audiences to balance over three million travel miles, with balancing donations being invested in renewable energy projects in India (wind power and reforestation) and Bristol (solar). In 2017, they worked with artist, Joss Stone, to balance 2.7 million touring travel miles with investment in wind power and reforestation in Tamil Nadu.


Joining Energy Revolution is an opportunity to balance your company’s environmental impacts in a measurable and credible way. You’ll be helping create renewable energy infrastructure that secures a safer, cleaner future for everyone and be demonstrating to clients that you are a responsible and innovative company.


How it works

• Record your travel journeys to events in the Energy Revolution travel log to work out your total carbon emissions and the donation amount required to balance them.
• Energy Revolution invests 100% of your donations in renewable energy projects, helping to turn your travel carbon emissions into positive energy solutions for the future.
• You receive an annual certificate that shows the carbon emissions you have balanced, a profile on the Energy Revolution website and a logo to use in your press and marketing.
• Sign up to Energy Revolution online here. Suppliers pay an annual fee of £50.


100% of donations made go directly towards generating clean energy – zero percent is used toward administration of the charity. In the first year of operation, donations were invested with The Converging World who operate wind turbines in the Tamil Nadu area of India. In future we will offer a portfolio of projects, which reflect the interests of partners. In the second year of operation, donations were invested with Bristol Energy Co-op a community owned energy cooperative, growing Greater Bristol’s local green energy supply and making the benefits available to all.

For more information visit the Energy Revolution website or watch the video. Get in touch by emailing

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