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Planning for the high season

Time to recharge

January is an indubitably quiet time for the events industry and with it, for many a mobile caterer too. For many of our members, the low season is the perfect opportunity to get some rest after several seven day weeks and more shopping, travelling, prepping and cooking than most of us do in a lifetime. As well as taking a (very, very) well deserved holiday, this hinterland between Christmas and Spring serves as the perfect opportunity to refresh exhausted equipment, secure bookings for the year ahead and ensure that all staff within the business have the correct, up-to-date training pertaining to their position.

Prepping for change

If a staff member within the business has been promoted or increased their hours, their training may well need upgrading; a seemingly simple change such as a transition from part time to full time hours would mean that a Food Hygiene Level 1 certificate is no longer sufficient and we would strongly recommend that a Level 2 is completed. Similarly, if a staff member’s responsibilities have increased and as such, their role now includes management style tasks, we would too suggest that they ‘upgrade’ their training and complete a Level 3 Food Hygiene course.

Triple accredited, all-inclusive training

NCASS Training is inclusive and can be completed by members and non-members alike; though NCASS Family members are afforded training places for themselves and their staff as standard with their membership package and simply pay a small certificate fee. What’s more, NCASS’ esteemed training courses are triple accredited and can be completed online, from the comfort from trainee’s own homes. Our triple accreditation means that our courses aren’t simply composed and published by us, they’re also inspected and signed off by a Government department before they are issued; this is something which no other training provider can lay claim to.

NCASS: Ensuring compliance, the industry over

The importance of training cannot be underestimated in the events and catering industries and a lack lustre approach to training endangers a business’ reputation, its staff and its customers. The Nationwide Caterers Association are wholly committed to the safety, legality and profitability not only of member’s businesses, but of the entire industry; we subsequently liaise with over 450 environmental health officers and some 250 local authorities who rest safe in the knowledge that NCASS caterers are consistently compliant - which in turn leads to greater confidence and profitability throughout the industry as a whole.

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