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Glastonbury ban sale of single-use plastic bottles at festival

Glastonbury take strides to increase sustainable practises

Glastonbury has announced that single-use plastic bottles will no longer be available for sale at the music festival.


As the largest green field festival in the world and with an established reputation as an event which endeavours to be as ecologically responsible as possible, having introduced their ‘Love The Farm, Leave No Trace,’ initiative back in 2016, this is a big step in the right direction and one which will likely influence events throughout the UK and beyond to limit or ban the sale of single-use plastics.


The festival, which took a fallow year in 2018, took advantage of the break in service to implement the infrastructure required to roll out such a seminal development. Subsequently, all bars on site will provide free drinking water and the number of kiosks being run by WaterAid will triple. Canned soft drinks and canned Life Water will also be available for purchase by attendees.


Whilst no single-use bottles will be available for sale at the festival, including backstage or to those working at the event, attendees will still be able to bring their own; though they are being encouraged by organisers to bring reusable bottles which they can refill at various sites throughout the site.


Glastonbury follows in the footsteps of Shambala who banned the sale of single-use bottles at their event back in 2016. The industry is undoubtedly taking crucial steps towards a more sustainable existence; ensuring the longevity not only of our industry but our planet.

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