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“Cooking is theatre anyway, and StreetCube is rock and roll!”


Streetcube is a concept devised by a small team of passionate chefs, growers, producers of sustainable ingredients, and fanatical foodies, that wanted to help find a way to empower those with a passion for their ideals, in order to communicate them to communities – through food. Read on to find out more…

1. Where did the concept for StreetCube come from?

StreetCube was born out of the street food movement in general. The people need to eat good food, and have access to fine cuisine, but at the same time the whole community need to share in a more sustainable and more ethical approach to food in general. We use professionally up-cycled shipping containers to facilitate our overall ethos, which is born out of a need for us all to connect, eat together and sustain our planet.

Our country produces more natural, organic, high quality, ethical produce than most. It’s just a question of bringing it to the people, demonstrating how a sustainable system is better for us all, and supporting our creative talents to serve up a more affordable, more delicious and healthier way to present Street Gastronomy.

StreetCube recognises that creative talent needs to find a way to reach its audience. StreetCube allows new talent to find a way to come to market, while avoiding the pitfalls of opening an expensive restaurant, and avoiding the increased risk of financial loss.

We felt that the restaurant industry and property market had become so expensive to enter into. There is a ‘same style’ and ‘safe’ pattern in the types of chain restaurants we find in our high streets, often cooking food off-site in centralised kitchens, employing un-motivated staff on minimum wage, and more disappointingly, offering little choice to the consumer, for high prices.

Gastronomy is an art form, the ONLY art form that engages all our senses, and while a musician can busk, and artist can paint on walls, there is nowhere that a passionate chef can reach his audience. Unless you’re working at the highest level, or accepting minimum wage, there is no opportunity to express your passion. Gastronomy is about passion and sharing, and we want to be a more sharing society.

2. How can StreetCube help start-ups to find their way in the growing street food industry?

StreetCube empowers passionate chefs, skilled foodies and free-thinking start-up entrepreneurs to engage their love of real hand-crafted, artisan food to reach their clientele directly via the StreetCube they operate. Every one of our chefs is fanatical about quality, sustainability, originality and diversity, and that is what true Gastronomy is about.

Street food encompasses a global community of diverse styles and flavours, and what’s to say that a lot of the ingredients we love can’t be sourced and produced more locally, more ethically and more sustainably?

StreetCube enables this in the most affordable way possible. We use zero plastics, we work to a zero food waste programme and we connect directly with our local audience – because ‘Good Food Doesn’t Have To Cost The Earth’.

3. What benefits will a StreetCube unit provide to caterers?

StreetCube eliminates the risk in testing new ideas in new areas. Even if you’re an established restaurant, with loyal clientele, your reach is only as good as your immediate reputation within a given demographic. But now, if you wanted to test how well your cuisine fits with a new audience, you can simply hire a StreetCube, and have a presence in a new area in a matter of a few days.

StreetCube also enables new chefs to try new ideas, to test new innovations – but most importantly, it enables our chefs to perform, live for an appreciative audience. Cooking is theatre anyway, and StreetCube is rock and roll – that puts the EAT into Theatre.

4. At NCASS, we encourage trader members to build positive relationships with their local authority. How has StreetCube been helped by local authority departments during its initiation?

StreetCube would never have happened had it not been for local authority. We realised immediately that without the support of town planning, markets authority, Boscombe Regeneration, Bournemouth Bid, and the council planning team, we would never have taken off in the way we have.

Local councils are pivotal in helping new ideas gain traction, advise on what they feel will be the best route, and to work with at every step to use what resources they already have in place. We want to continue working with each and every local authority, there is no better route for our project, especially as our ethos is to bond people in the community through sustainable food.

5. What are StreetCube’s values in terms of sustainability in the food industry?

We decided right from the start that our values are in helping our community, supporting our chefs but most of all, doing what’s right for everyone – and that means using local seasonal produce, sustainable working practices, zero food waste, zero plastics, and helping our local communities to bond.

We are planning a World Sustainable Gastronomy Day, in accordance with The United Nations Observations on 21st June. We will host an event that will bring much needed attention to this agenda. Two revered chefs will be partaking in a Sustainable Gastronomy Cook-off event, to produce a street food dish that will encapsulate our ethos, that will sell for £6 or less, and that demonstrates how sustainable cuisine can taste amazing and be good for us at the same time.

Another of our programs looks at working with those with less access to opportunity, and to help people get on their feet. We have a program working alongside RECOOP, that helps people find their belonging once they’ve returned to the community. We partner with various charities and food aid programs and we always support those who have a passion for good food, cooked with love.

6. Where is the StreetCube venture looking to expand to next?

Our beginnings are in the town of Boscombe, Bournemouth – by the sea, and we are getting overwhelmed with enquires from everywhere. We are looking at new sites all the time, from Guildford, to Greenwich, and from Cornwall to Cardiff. Every town has space for a StreetCube, and the fact that our cuisine cubes are moveable, semi-permanent professional kitchens, means our idea ticks a lot of boxes, so to speak.

We also want to elevate the quality of street food elsewhere, which is why we refer to it as Street Gastronomy, and if you look up the word Gastronomy, it’s not as exclusive as one might think. We want to look at areas that have a more free-thinking approach to originality, a little edginess and a culture of creativity and innovation. That’s why we picked Boscombe – it has one of the oldest original Victorian Opera Houses in the U.K., our installation sits just a few feet away from the famous Dr Who Tardis – what other Council would ever think of placing a full size Tardis in the middle of their town? So any council who place food firmly in the hub of their community, as a bonding and connecting artform, is a Council we want to work with.

7. What is the best way for caterers to get involved, and how can they stand out when applying to be a part of StreetCube?

Not only caterers can be involved with StreetCube, we want to work with local suppliers, producers, growers, farmers – anyone with a passion for what’s right in what we eat are people we welcome into our collective. Eating locally, using seasonal produce, is much better for our health, as nature designs in all the nutrients we need throughout seasonal vegetables and food cycles. We like that.

So if someone has ever considered trying something new, reaching out through food, or would love to get a new idea off the ground – then apply here. Equally, if you’ve been trading a while and you want something a little more permanent, we would love to hear from you. We will also be developing a festival side of our movement, and our Container Cuisines can also be turned into bigger dining halls that can be placed anywhere.

Currently, we want to hear from anyone who wants to get involved and help bring a better way to access Gastronomy – as we keep saying, good food doesn’t have to cost the earth.

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