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Choosing the right engineer for your business needs

It’s a common misconception that any gas engineer can service any gas appliance, but sadly, this isn’t the case. To try and shed some clarity on the matter, we’ll show you what you need to look for when making sure that your engineer is able to offer the checks that you need.

How to look up an engineer

The first question to ask your engineers is ‘What’s your Gas Safe registration number?’ If the answer is ‘I don’t have one’ or ‘I don’t need one’, then stay away! EVERY engineer should have one. If they don’t then quite simply, they aren’t an engineer!

Go to and on the landing page you will see an option to check the register. It looks like this:

Check the register

If you hover over ‘Check the Register’ it will offer you three ways in which to check an engineer:

Find by Location – Good for a general search of who is in your area

Check a Business – Good if you know the name of the business

Check an Engineer – More precise to an individual engineer

Select ‘check an engineer’. You will be then be asked for the engineer’s registration number. Enter the number you were given by the engineer, and this should then bring up their details.

Under the general engineer info such as their address and contact details, you will see a list of their available services which looks like this:

Check the register

As you can see, this is split into two groups, domestic and commercial. For the purposes of this article we’re just going to concentrate on Commercial.

If you click the small plus sign next to ‘Catering’ you should get a drop down list of services offered within this group which should look a little like this:

Check the register

Anyone trading outdoors should be looking for qualifications relating to mobile catering only.

As you can see from the list above, this engineer can service and sign off pretty much any equipment that is LPG powered in a mobile catering unit.

If your engineer is looking to service one of your appliances, for example a water urn but doesn’t have the Mobile Catering Water Boilers LPG qualification, then they are not suitably qualified to carry out the work you need them to.

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