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80% of Brits experienced a pub closure in the past 5 years

pub closure

CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) has revealed its latest pub closure statistics alongside the findings of a YouGov survey.

The YouGov statistics showed that four out of five people surveyed had experienced at least one pub closure in the past five years, while 21% had seen five or more pub closures in the same time period.

CAMRA have revealed that 18 pubs close per week in the UK, with the worst affected areas including Greater London and the East Midlands. According to CAMRA, pubs contribute £23.1 billion to the UK economy every year, and provide local residents and communities with social benefits which reportedly make them happier and more trusting.

Why are we losing so many UK pubs?

According to Britain’s Beer Alliance, one in every three pounds spent in UK pubs goes to the taxman; a rate that is three times the EU average. CAMRA are campaigning for the Government to abandon plans to increase taxes paid by pubs in the November budget, which, if given the go ahead, will see Beer Duty rise by 2p per pint. The Long Live the Local campaign is asking for supporters to sign a petition to ask Government to cut the tax in order to save more pubs from closing down.

CAMRA's National Chairman Jackie Parker said: "The latest YouGov findings, coupled with our own pub closure figures, paint a dismal picture for our pubs. As taxes continue to rise, more people are choosing to drink at home and as a consequence, pubs are closing down. It's a vicious cycle.

"Pub closures make us all poorer by reducing overall tax revenues raised by the pub sector and weakening community life in areas where valued pubs close. Fundamental change is needed if the British pub is to survive for future generations. We are urging the Government to take action to secure the future of our pubs by relieving the tax burden."

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