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The Nationwide Caterers Association

We understand that running an independent business requires a lot of number-crunching, and this is why we work to ensure that our members have a huge number of options available to both make and save money. From increasing work opportunities for caterers, to offering exclusive discounts on training and supplies, NCASS membership can be the crucial difference between money worries and increased profits. We know our membership packages are excellent value for money, so read on to discover what you could save and make, with NCASS by your side.

We’d hate for any of our members to miss out on the opportunity to make some extra cash for all the hard work they do – that’s why we teamed up with Booker and Makro to offer our members this exclusive cashback deal!

Key Features

  • Earn 2% cashback when you spend £1500 in a six-month period
  • Earn 3% cashback when you spend £10000 in a six-month period
  • The offer runs twice a year from March – September, then September - March
  • Cashback can be earned on everything you spend at Booker and Makro in that period*
  • Receive cashback as a voucher to spend at Booker and Makro or exchange it for cash to do with as you please!

    *Excludes tobacco, stamps, phone cards and VAT.


    • Make money just by buying the things that you need for your business
    • Whether you’re in your local store or picking up last minute supplies on the road, you can collect cashback in any of the 200 branches in the UK
    • Earn cashback on both in-store and online delivery purchases
    • You could make up to three times the cost of your annual NCASS membership in cashback!

    How do I access this?

    NCASS members can choose to enrol on the scheme by getting in touch by phone, or by filling out this form. (Click here) Even if you forget to sign up when you join NCASS, you can have your cashback backdated to the start of the current six-month period, providing you were an NCASS member at the start of that period – so no one misses out!

    NCASS training courses are designed by caterers, for caterers. They are widely recognised by Environmental Health Officers across the UK, and provide all-important information in a multiple areas of a food business. All courses can be completed online on desktop or mobile at your own convenience, without a time limit.

    Key Features

    • Available courses include: Food Hygiene Level 1, 2, and 3, Health & Safety, HACCP, Fire Extinguisher, First Aid, Sustainability, Starting a Street Food Business, LPG/Gas Safety

    • All courses are triple-accredited, by NCASS, Primary Authority partners Milton Keynes Council and City & Guilds

    • Download course notes free of charge for revision after you finish each course

    • Laminated certificates valid for three years are posted to your address upon completion

    • A number of course places are included in your NCASS membership which can be completed by business owners and staff

    • Huge discounts on training programs when you join NCASS and you can retake as many ties as you like, without any further charge!


    • Improve your skills in the workplace, and know that your staff are competent in their roles meaning you’ll be more efficient at making sales in the long term
    • Impress your visiting EHO by displaying your certificates in your unit and demonstrating your skills with confidence
    • Peace of mind that you are trading legally and safely, and will not risk harming your customers or staff, increasing the chances of repeat sales
    • Save money on printing and revising knowledge as certificates and pdf notes are supplied free of charge
    • Save money with your NCASS membership – you only pay the certification fee on your courses, meaning you save hundreds of pounds over the course of your membership

    How do I access this?

    Each NCASS membership package includes a number of training course places for yourself and your staff. In most cases, you only pay the certification fee upon completion. You can sign up for your courses in your Control Panel and allocate places to trainees. Feel free to give your Account Manager a call if you need any support or guidance through the training process.

    Not sure which policy you need for your business? Concerned that the one you’ve got seems to cost a lot for very little? Worried about an incident and need reassurance that your policy provider will pay out? We can help. NCASS Insurance provide policies specially designed for mobile caterers and the work they do. We don’t cut corners, we don’t overcharge, and we will never miss-sell insurance that will let you down when you need it.

    Key Features

    • Specialist insurance for mobile catering businesses with up to 65% no claims bonus
    • Policies tailored to your business, meaning you only pay for what you need
    • Phone support from our insurance partners, Giles Insurance, who are experts in mobile catering insurance
    • Exclusive discounts of up to 15% on policies for NCASS members
    • Instant quotations
    • Easy payment terms including direct debit
    • Save money on the policies that are crucial to the safe running of your business, while knowing that you won’t find yourself in a sticky situation that could cost you a fortune later
    • Impress event organisers to secure a pitch – most will not consider applications from traders without insurance, and increasing your chances of getting hired will increase your profits in the long term
    • Receive support on the phone whenever you need it by calling us at no extra charge
    • Reduced risk of financial problems should an incident occur, including damage and theft of your vehicle or catering unit

    How do I access this?

    NCASS members just need to give us a call and we can transfer them to our insurance partners on the line. Exclusive discounts will be applied by quoting your NCASS membership number.

    "Giles Insurance quote was significantly cheaper than the majority of other insurances offered and is tailored to the need of mobile caterers and not just a generic market offer, offered by NMTF which I had examined carefully and found it not to be suitable given we do not just trade at markets."
    - Michael Simmonds

    All independent business owners know that saving the pennies really does lead to bigger profits in the long term. At NCASS, we love securing our members a good deal and that’s why we’ve teamed up with suppliers of catering products to offer exclusive discounts to our members.

    Key Features

    • 10% off Biopac products – compostable packaging, plates, cutlery, etc to make your business more sustainable
    • 20% off SureTrack products - tracking and recovery device for your trailer or unit with a 91% recovery rate and 24/7 monitoring platform
    • 20% discount on services from The Catering Accounting Company – award-winning specialist catering accountants
    • 10% discount on searches and filing legal fees with TrademarkRoom – specialist catering trademark search and application agency
    • 10% discount on first three orders of LPG from Festival Gas
    • Special rates for NCASS members on mobile catering equipment from Weston Catering Supplies
    • 10% off paella pans and cookware from Paella World – suppliers of authentic Spanish catering equipment
    • 10% discount on kiosks from UK Kiosks
    • Up to 3% cashback at Booker and Makro 


    • Save money on the things you need to keep your business running

    • Peace of mind that the deals you’re getting are from reliable and legitimate suppliers and companies

    • A wide range of choice means you’re not stuck with one or two suppliers who aren’t right for your business – shop the market and still secure a deal!

    • New suppliers join our ranks regularly – become a member and we’ll keep you up to date with the businesses that are NCASS approved

    How do I access this?

    Supplier discounts can be secured by quoting your NCASS membership number at checkout. Make sure you let them know!

    NCASS Connect is a platform that was created to unite traders, event organisers and Environmental Health Officers to enable those in the industry to work together easily, safely and efficiently. It aims to provide traders with more opportunities for work, and enable them to store and share important information in the easiest possible way.

    Key Features

    • Upload all of your legal documentation and store it in one secure place
    • Update your profile with a bio, images of your unit and food, and information about your business to really stand out from the crowd
    • Receive information about upcoming events and apply quickly and easily through your control panel
    • Share your business details with event organisers to secure work without having to email, call, or print out unnecessary paperwork
    • Share your legal documents with EHOs so they can assess your previous inspection reports and food hygiene ratings


    • No more paperwork! All of your documents can be stored online and accessed at the click of a button
    • Earn more money as a result of being able to access more job opportunities
    • Appeal to event organisers using simple marketing techniques that work
    • Avoid unnecessary inspections of your units by allowing EHOs to see when you were last inspected and decide if you need to be visited again
    • Access to full support from your Account Manager when using the platform
    • Save time and stress and continue doing what you do best – cooking!

    How do I access this?

    All NCASS members can use NCASS Connect by logging into their personal Control Panel. When you sign up, you can set up your own log in details and password to access this part of our website.

    "Another job opportunity has converted to a real life booking yet again. Thank you Alan and everyone at NCASS - your membership fees are worth every penny. Not for just the jobs, but for all the advice, guidance and friendship over many years"
    -Ian Stone, Coffee Bay

    Upon joining NCASS, traders are automatically enrolled into our Primary Authority schemes with Milton Keynes Council and West Yorkshire Fire Department. These partnerships were set up to ensure the information we provide to members is backed by a Government body and they help us to form closer ties with local authorities to improve standards for the food industry as a whole.

    Key Features

    • Assured advice and guidance on laws and best practice in the food industry.
    • Training courses that have been audited and assured by a Government department.
    • Support from a Government department should your business be taken to court.
    • Eligibility for the NCASS inspection plan – a set of criteria that NCASS members must be inspected to, no matter which local authority inspects them.
    • Increased communication between local authority departments, NCASS and independent business owners.
    • Assured advice available by phone or email whenever you need it.
    • Regular updates on inconsistencies in hygiene and safety information from EHOs to ensure that all traders can follow one set of guidelines.
    • A full Due Diligence System, including risk assessments, that’s been audited by the Primary Authority.


    • Peace of mind that the guidelines you follow are compliant and accurate.
    • Lower numbers of inspections from EHOs, and more reliable advice provided when you are inspected.
    • Reduced worries in the run-up to an inspection.
    • Less hassle and increased protection as you can ask NCASS to block unfounded proposed actions against your business following an inspection.
    • Reassurance that you can query any advice you are given if you are unsure about its validity.
    • More opportunities to work and earn as event organisers grow keener to hire Primary Authority protected caterers. Doing so simply reduces their risks and gives them greater confidence in the traders the work with.
    • Acknowledgement from your local authority that your business has a high standard for legal advice and training.

    How do I access this?

    All NCASS members are automatically signed up to the partnership scheme entirely free of charge if they are based in England or Wales. It is possible to receive further support from the scheme, such as microbiological testing of products for example, by making a further payment. All members can get in touch with their Account Manager  should they require any further information or assistance.

    We’ve partnered with power distribution network Western Power in a joint effort to provide relief and sustenance to those in who need it after bad weather hits. We’re talking after things like extreme weather, ‘random’ power outages or natural disasters. While they’re not commonplace in this country, these things do happen. NCASS members can sign up to our Emergency Catering Service will work in conjunction with the emergency services and British Red Cross to provide food to anyone affected.

    Key Features

    • £250 call out fee
    • Set price payment per food item – on top of call out fee
    • Mileage fee of £0.45 per mile per return journey
    • Minimum full payment of £500, even if there are not many people to serve (with mileage fee on top)
    • Simply invoice The Nationwide Caterers Association for your call out fee, mileage and servings after the event and receive payment within 14 days


    • Make a great sum in just one day
    • You could serve as few as 10 people and still receive £500
    • Surprise work means surprise income!
    • Feel good factor: you’ll be helping people in need of food and a hot drink
    • You also get the opportunity to show off your excellent customer service

    How do I access this?

    The Emergency Catering Service is open exclusively to NCASS members. If you’re eligible for the service, you can sign up as soon as you become a member. You’d just need to make sure all the necessary documentation was uploaded to your NCASS control panel, and that you’re able to provide hot food and drinks (including a veggie option).

    There’s no way to know when and where an emergency will happen so all you’d do after you’d signed up is carry on with life as normal. If you’re enrolled on the service and closest to an emergency situation when it happens, you’ll be first to receive a call to ask if you’re able to carry out the job.

    Did you know that we’ve been working with independent food businesses for more than 30 years? We’ve got a lot of experience to share. And you’ll reap the benefits as soon as you join the association. Your dedicated account manager will be there for you, whenever you need a helping hand or friendly ear. Just pick up the phone and say hello.

    > Find out more about our support

    It might feel like you’re dealing with a minefield when it comes to complying with catering law. But when you’re an NCASS member, your worries and fears will meet relief and calm. We’ll guide you and give you everything you need – due diligence documentation, risk assessments, policies, training, contracts and more. Bid your stresses farewell and enjoy more me-time.

    > Read more about the legal stuff

    It’s not just independent food businesses that we’re associated with here at NCASS. We work with Government, event organisers, food safety departments and other industry stakeholders too - all for your benefit. As an NCASS member, you’ll always be at the forefront of industry progress. And you won’t ever find yourself facing a sticky situation alone.

    > Find out more about the NCASS Family approach

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