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The Nationwide Caterers Association

Primary Authority

Assured Advice & Guidance


Cherwell District Council

In order to be compliant with the Primary Authority you need to ensure that you are following the Assured Advice and Guidance issued by Cherwell District Council and NCASS.


This means that you need to do the following things:


 Read, agree to, sign and adhere to the NCASS Code of Practice


Operate the NCASS Due Diligence System

This entails the following:


Operate & complete the NCASS Cleaning Schedule

You will need one per catering facility (additional schedules are available at extra cost).


Operate & complete the  Daily Recording Diary

You will need one per catering facility (additional diaries are available at extra cost).


Complete a HACCP document & keep it up to date

You will need to complete one for each catering facility and each food type that you operate.


Complete Food Hygiene Training

Ensure that all staff that operate in the business complete the Food Hygiene training that is relevant to their job using NCASS Training. This equates to the following courses:

  1. Owners and Managers to Level 3

  2. Employees to Level 2


Read, agree to, sign and keep the following policies

These are also found within the NCASS Due Diligence System.


Statement of Food Policy


Environmental Policy


Method Statement


COSHH Risk Assessment


Health & Safety Policy

By Operating according to these you will receive all the Benefits for Mobile Caterers of Primary Authority.

Due Diligence System

Due Diligence System

Find out more about the NCASS Due Diligence system. > Click here


See our FAQ Section

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