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The Nationwide Caterers Association


Are you looking for help with something catering-related? Draw on our expertise with NCASS consultancy.

Since things kicked off for NCASS in 1987 we've been working in and with the catering industry to improve hygiene standards, to encourage opportunities for caterers and to revamp British events.

We've made quite the impact.

One of the ways we've done that is by consulting to all stakeholders within the industry. Whether it's Government, event organisers, environmental health teams or the traders themselves, we've given the advice that it's taken to get the catering industry to where it is today.

And that's something we're really proud of.

If you're looking for guidance on anything to do with catering, get in touch - no matter which side of the spectrum you're coming from. We'll give you the pointers you need to achieve your ambitions.


What sort of consultancy are you looking for?

NCASS offers a number of different consultancy packages and will give you sound, solid advice, no matter what your field and your needs.

Whether you're part of a Government body, a landlord looking for exciting things to do with your space, an event organiser, a supplier, manufacterer or caterer, NCASS will offer you solutions for improvement and real, tangible success.

Government & Institutions

Are you looking for alternative ways to improve tourism in your local authority? Need advice on how to best deal with mobile catering inspections or increase compliance and best practice? Do you just want greater insights into the UK catering scene? NCASS will take you through the need-to-knows.
> Find out more about what NCASS can do for you or call 0121 603 2524

Business & Landlords

Do you own a space that could really be something? Are you looking for innovative ways to increase revenue for your land? With a little help from NCASS, landowners have turned areas that were previously unwanted, derelict or just plain boring into super-popular foodie destinations.
> Find out how NCASS will help you or call 0121 603 2524 to set up your consultation

Event Organisers

Event organisers

Want to run an event that's safe, legal and profitable? Take advice from NCASS and make your event a real success.

> Run a successful event


Learn how to better understand the catering industry's needs and formulate better strategies for marketing to caterers.
> Sell more to caterers


Caterers Consultancy

Do you want to improve the performance of your catering business? Or are you unsure where to start in the first place?
> With NCASS, you can do it



0121 603 2524

to set up your one-to-one consultation

Here are just a few of our consultancy clients...

Birmingham City Council

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0121 603 2524

to set up your one-to-one consultation