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Appetite for low alcohol increases in UK

by Charlotte Anderson | Jan 20, 2020

If you have an alcohol licence, then you might want to consider adding low or non-alcoholic alternatives to your menu. Research carried out by Drinkaware found that 8.6 million Brits are now actively moderating their alcohol intake, with over 20% of the British population now classifying themselves as teetotal.

Having a vast array of low or non-alcoholic drinks is particularly important as gen z’s buying power increases, with a quarter of 16-24 year olds turning their backs on drinking culture. Soft drinks no longer make the cut for people who want the social experience so often equated with alcohol, but without the hangover.

According to Nielsen, alcohol-free beer is by the fastest-growing drinks trend. In the summer of 2018, non-alcoholic beer sales were up 58% on the previous year.

Club Soda, founders of the Mindful Drinking Movement say that they “work to persuade the drinks and hospitality industry to be more adaptable and respect a wider range of drinking behaviours.” According to Club Soda, Laura Willoughby “the volume sold in pubs, bars, restaurants and shops across the UK in the same period was the equivalent of 12.2m pints, following two major launches from Heineken and Budweiser.”

It’s clear that for drinks businesses, investing in quality low or non-alcoholic drinks that mirror the value and aesthetic of your alcoholic drinks, not only ensures that your customers, both new and potential are catered for, but it also protects your bottom line.

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