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NCASS oppose Mandatory Calorie Labelling Policy for Micro Businesses

by Amy Chandler | Dec 04, 2018
“A mandatory calorie labelling policy is a barrier to chefs being chefs,” says Mark Laurie
In response to the problem of obesity in the UK, the Department of Health and Social Care has opened a consultation on the legislation they intend to introduce which will make it mandatory for all food businesses to display the calorie content of the food items on their menus.

The Nationwide Caterers Association is opposing this legislation for micro businesses. We believe that alongside recent the increase in business rates, the implementation of allergen laws, the full cost recovery proposed to fund Environmental Health Departments’ inspections of food businesses and the upcoming risks to food safety legislation and food availability possible after Brexit, legislation to enforce mandatory calorie labelling for all food businesses will be another unnecessary and potentially destructive burden on independent business owners.