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It’s about time we pledge to increase our veg

by User Not Found | Nov 08, 2017
NCASS pledges support to the Food Foundation’s Peas Please project, to promote healthy eating while reducing meat content.

The UK loves meat. But recent research has found that our over-enthusiastic meat consumption isn’t just doing damage to our belt buckles; it’s harming our health too. To help create greater parity between portions of meat and vegetables offered by food traders across the UK, NCASS has pledged its support to the Food Foundation’s Peas Please initiative, in association with Harborne Food School and Birmingham City Council.

NCASS’s Mark Laurie says, “If we want more opportunities to sell our food to the public, we can get them by offering healthy alternatives; ones that won’t increase risks to life expectancy or add to the looming obesity crisis in the UK. Great cooks can do amazing things with vegetables, and through Peas Please we’re challenging them to do just that. By including two portions of vegetables in their dishes, traders can help their customers to get their required daily intake, increase their gross profit margins and delight their customers with beautiful dishes. We can take on the chicken shops and get healthy street food where it belongs: on the streets.”

Read the full article to find out more about the challenges the UK face, how Peas Please aims to overcome those challenges and how you can make a difference with your food offering. Click here to read more.


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