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The Nationwide Caterers Association

Raising Standards

How NCASS is raising standards in the industry

We are dedicated to raising standards within the Catering Industry. It's one of the reasons that we were founded in 1987 and has been at the top of our agenda ever since.

We are passionate about raising standards in the catering industry, and we strive hard every single day to achieve that.

Our efforts to raise standards have led us to be pioneers in our industry. For example, did you know we developed the first Due Diligence scheme for Mobile Catering in Europe in 1992? Ever since then we have  continued to increase our efforts to raise standards, yet do so understanding the needs of caterer and business owner. We were  caterers originally so we understand it from all perspectives.

Hygiene Training

Take Online Hygiene Training for example, something that NCASS have been providing since 2002. 

We appreciate many EHO's prefer training done face-to-face as they have concerns about the quality, specifically around the information provided and the authenticity of participants. 

However the commercial case for online training is very compelling, especially for a small business who, if they decided to train all employees face to face, would have to pay for wages, covering staff, travel and the course itself! This can often work out at 10-20 times the price of an online course.

What's the solution?

Did you know that....

...we developed the first Due Diligence scheme for Mobile Caterers in Europe in 1992!

This is something that we pondered over for a long time. We recognised that online training was not something that is going to go away, yet there were many 'providers'  who were offering "quick" or "cheap" training that in our opinion failed to meet the required standard.

Our solution was to provide quality, comprehensive courses that are written to the the highest standards possible, and this is what we have done.

Our first step was  to get our courses accredited by City and Guilds, the most reputable awarding body in Europe, which took us over 12 months to achieve. Part of that process included developing a learning management system which included examinations, quizzes and interactions, to prove that the learning had taken place and that the systems were robust. We also decided that we wanted to provide high quality printed, hologrammed and laminated certificates that included the student's image to increase credibility.

As of 2014, the Primary Authority Partners Cherwell District Council have been through our courses, making them the only Government assured on-line courses available at this level, and giving everyone confidence that when they undertake an NCASS Training course they have been through the best available.

This is all part of our efforts to raise standards within the industry.

> Click here if you would like more information about our Hygiene Training

"Our solution is to provide quality, comprehensive courses that are written to the the highest standards possible"

Developing Codes of Practice

The first two Codes of Practice for Mobile Caterers were originally written in 1996. They set out how a Mobile Caterer should operate according to the law and best practice, and have been continually developed and improved since then. They are the standards that all members of NCASS are bound to operate to.
In addition NCASS has also developed Codes of Practice for:

  • Fixed site caterers
  • LPG Safety in mobile catering trailers and van conversions
  • LPG Safety in tented structures, stalls and gazebos
  • The design and manufacture of catering trailers and van conversions

    We actively promote these to caterers and engineers to increase the standards within the industry and invite you to do the same > Find out more

    Support & Advice to Promote Best Practice

    We provide a huge amount of support and advice on best practice via telephone, email, websites, conferences and publications to all stakeholders within the industry. This includes caterers, suppliers and event organisers and Government. You can visit our Consultancy pages for more information. 

    We provide a lot of help and advice to caterers and cover every aspect of running a food business, including

    • How to start-up and run a successful business

    • How to be safe & legal with regards to

      • Food Safety
      • Gas & Electrical Safety
      • Health & Safety
    • How to get Work and be Profitable

    Have a look at the rest of this website to get a better idea of what we do!

    In a nutshell, we are passionate about raising standards in the catering industry, and we strive hard every single day to achieve that.

    Did you know that... 2013 we received over 20,000 queries from Caterers about how to operate Safely, Legally & Profitably!

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