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The Nationwide Caterers Association

NCASS Risk Assessment System

Helping caterers understand and minimise the risks their work poses

As part of our aim to raise standards within the catering industry we have created an online food safety risk assessment system using the principles of HACCP.

It is designed to allow individual catering companies to create comprehensive food safety risk assessments which form part of their food safety management systems, and are specific to their food, equipment and processes.

What does the online system do?

It's online, it's dynamic and it's the only thing like it in the UK. The online system enables caterers to add the details of their food equipment and processes and then automatically generates the potential hazards, controls and critical control points (CCPs) for the caterer to review and agree.

Through the revolutionary online system, NCASS members can:

  • Create a bespoke food safety risk assessment for each unit that they operate

  • Upload the assessment into their members area or print it out (EHOs are able to see a copy of the risk assessments if the caterer has uploaded it using the NCASS Connect)

  • Modify the assessment if their processes or risks change (as long as their membership is still valid)

How does it benefit enforcement officers?

The online risk assessing system isn't just great news for caterers; it'll save you time and hassle too. Firstly, you can view risk assessments that have been uploaded to caterers' online NCASS profiles before you carry out an inspection, saving you time on site.

Secondly, you can make sure that any necessary changes are made to a caterer's risk assessment during your inspection. Should you discover that something isn't quite right with their risk assessment, all they would need to do to change it is log into their control panel and make the change. They can show you that it's been done there and then and cut out the need for you to follow up that change at a later date.

How does it work?

The system assesses risks based on products and processes for any type of premises and hundreds of different food types by analysing:


  • Hazards

  • Controls

  • Critical limits

  • Monitoring procedures

  • Corrective actions required for that product or process

Primary Authority

The NCASS online HACCP system has been audited by Milton Keynes Council as part of the Primary Authority partnership. As such it is now considered as 'assured advice and guidance' with statutory backing.

If you would like to know more about our Primary Authority partnerships, please take a look here.


Risk Assessment Demos

We would love for you to take a look at our online risk assessing system. It's free and easy to do so, and once you've created an account you'll find lots more useful things you can do.

All you need to do is log in or create an account using the buttons below. Once you're logged into the control panel, simply select the Risk Assessment Demo Area and take a look around.

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