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What's included in your free EHO Connect account?

NCASS Connect unites Organisers, Traders and Enforcement Officers to make procuring safe and legal traders for events a walk in the park. When you create your free EHO account, you can use the system for all sorts, including checking whether traders need an inspection and viewing previous inspection reports.

The online hub for administration and due diligence documentation, NCASS Connect provides a greener route to a paperless sector. Organisers can send you a list of traders which contains all the information and documentation you will need.

Let's run through the various things you can do once you've created your EHO account.

NCASS Connect


Make the most of the database search system

In your control panel you can search for NCASS caterer members and check their details and documents quickly and easily. When you find a trader and add them to an inspection list (see below) you can then view a version of their profile which includes access to business and legal documents, training information and much more. That'll help you organise your on-site inspections in a much more targeted manner.



Leave feedback and report issues with traders

You can leave feedback and report issues for individual traders, and also view reports issued by other enforcement officers. This means that if you feel the need to leave feedback or report a concern following an inspection, you can do so. Then, the next time that trader is inspected the EHO doing so can see that there was an issue and act accordingly.

Reporting an issue


Create inspection lists

Create lists of traders and access all of their documents in one place. You can create a standard list of traders for any use, an event list for inspecting traders at a particular event or an area list if you are planning on inspecting traders in one area or district.

Once you have found and added your traders to a list, the list will be saved and all of your selected traders' documents will be available in one place.

EHO inspection lists


View the NCASS Due Diligence System

By creating an account you can view the NCASS Due Diligence System online. It's been inspected and approved by Milton Keynes Council as part of the Primary Authority partnership.


View demos

When you log into your control panel you can view demonstrations of our risk assessment and online training areas. See for yourself the quality of what we do for caterers here at NCASS!


Download documents and handy information

Within your control panel you have the option to download important documents and information like the NCASS codes of practice, LPG guidelines and much more.


Request NCASS brochures to help spread the message

Request to have any of the NCASS brochures sent to you. With our brochures and leaflets at hand you'll be able to better spread the message about NCASS's handy systems for caterers, event organisers and enforcement officers. Together, we can really improve the face of the industry we love.

And that's not all! Create your free acount below - it's quick and easy to do, and you'll have a world of useful stuff at your fingertips as soon as you're logged in.

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