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Blue Planet, Green Awakening


Last year, 15 million people tuned in to Blue Planet 2 where David Attenborough gave an impassioned speech about protecting “our beautiful world”. A year later, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reported that we have 12 years to avert a climate catastrophe.

So what impact does food have on the environment? What are festivals doing to revolutionise sustainability? And how can businesses go green while remaining profitable?

We’ve invited the voices of caterers, event organisers and environmental bodies to discuss how best to tackle these challenges now that so many of us have awoken to the need for a greener industry.


We’ve reached out to experts in all areas of the food and event industries to initiate an informed discussion on the importance of going green. Read more about them below.

Chris is co-founder and a Director of the pioneering Shambala Festival. Over its 17 years, Shambala has been awarded accolades including A Greener Festival ‘Outstanding’, 5 stars with the Julies Bicycle Creative Industry Green, The International GO Group Award (2017) and Best Festival (Creative Green Awards 2017), and the UK Festivals Awards Innovation Award.

Chris is co-founder and chair of the Powerful Thinking Group, the UK’s think-do tank on sustainable energy at outdoor events.

Recently Chris has co-founded RAW Bottles, a company ‘on a mission to free the world from pointless plastic’. He is also the Associate for Festivals and Events with Julie’s Bicycle, the UK’s leading sustainability consultant in the creative industries.

In 2018 Chris was awarded the national P.E.A Green Pioneer Award and the Outstanding Contribution Award by the Association Festival Organisers (AFO) for his campaigning work in the industry.

Claire is Co-Founder of A Greener Festival (AGF), Creative Producer, Agent & Aerialist for Arcadia Spectacular, and Event Producer and Programmer of Green Events & Innovations Conference (GEI). A Greener Festival has assessed over 450 festivals worldwide on their environmental management and grants The Greener Festival Award for those who champion sustainability. 

Claire spent six years as General Manager of the Association of Independent Festivals (AIF) and has worked at a wide range of festivals and events in various management and co-ordination roles since 2003.

Bob has spent the last three decades running Greenpeace UK’s event team, and the Greenpeace area at Glastonbury Festival and many other festivals.

Bob was at the first ever Glastonbury in 1970 (or at least he thinks he was – ‘if you can remember it, you weren’t there’ someone famous once said), along with many other legendary festivals that have taken place since.

Carving out a career for himself at Time Out Magazine, which included stints as the managing editor and marketing director, it was in the latter role that he ran the sponsorship programme and began to get involved with Greenpeace.

In 1991, Bob joined Greenpeace UK, the same year that Michael Eavis invited them to take part in Glastonbury Festival, and these days he heads up the events team.


Mark oversees all of the sustainability initiatives undertaken by NCASS on behalf of our members. Mark worked on the Glastonbury Green Trader Awards for several years, during which time he arranged the first Sustainable Catering training course with the Sustainable Restaurant Association. He co-developed the first 8th Plate project which salvaged nearly 30 tonnes of food from seven festivals in 2015 with Claire O’Neil from ‘A Greener Festival’ and FareShare SW.

Mark also represents the catering industry at Powerful Thinking and ongoing work in support of A Greener Festival. In 2018, Mark re-launched a new version of 8th plate aimed at making food salvage more affordable and practical. After successful trials, it will launch at around 20 festivals this year with the aim of embedding food salvage into event catering.

Christophe first started to cook crepes and galettes as a student in Brest, Brittany, where crepes originated. He would go to the market every day to choose fresh food for the “menu du jour “and would cook everything from scratch every day.

After his studies, Christophe moved to Bristol in 2002, to improve his English. He soon began to miss working in a kitchen, and thus, in 2007, La Bonne Crepe was born

La Bonne Crepe opened as a mobile creperie/café operating in Castle Park, Bristol, and soon became a favourite for Bristol’s foodies. It remained in this spot until 2011 when it evolved to become a mobile creperie. During the summer you can catch La Bonne Crepe at a wide range of festivals (Glastonbury, Secret Garden Party, Shambala) as well as in and around Bristol at street food markets. La Bonne Crepe caters for private parties, corporate events and TV productions.

La Bonne Crepe is committed to using local, organic, Fair-Trade ingredients with a strong commitment for sustainability and ethics.

Price: £50 for Members /  £60 for Non-Members

(+VAT and booking fee)

or call 0121 603 2524

between 9-5.30 on Monday to Friday


Be sure to stick around for the after-event, where there’ll be live music and food & drink provided by the award-winning Digbeth Dining Club, to ensure you leave with newfound knowledge and contacts, and of course, have a bit of fun!


The purpose of NCASS Congress 2019 is to address the issues that matter most to our members. We’ve curated a day of talks, seminars and roundtable discussions to keep you ahead of changes and help you shape the future of your industry. Click the links below to find out more about each of the talks.

Price: £50 for Members /  £60 for Non-Members

(+VAT and booking fee)

or call 0121 603 2524

between 9-5.30 on Monday to Friday