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Catering Trailer On Pitch - Big Opportunity
food hygiene rating, food trailer on a permanent unlimited pitch. Big opportunity for direct start ! In a very busy retail park in Bognor Regis (Matalan, Lidl, Bargrain Halfords.......) surrounded by campsite, Teso and Sainsbury nearby, opposite big industrial area. Full equipment, high level. Up to 7 days a week earn income or up to whole year. Completly buisness directly to start. 3 grill, chickengrill, hoven extra, 2-3 fryers, 2 fridges, new draftbeer with cooler......eyerything installed in a perfect way. Fish and Chips, Kebab, Sandwiches, Coffee/ up to you . Events pitches available too , everything it is done and you can start direktly. For sale: Take care of familiy in germany Asking Price: 34900 GBP or nearby, tell us your offer !
Mr Thomas and Mrs Nicole Berndl
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